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Drone Sprayer will allow our client to conduct their plantation & farms maintenance faster and more efficient.

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As part of our commitment, we are utilizing the best drone sprayer world can offer to bring you peace of mind and consistent work quality.
  • Tank Volume : 10L, 15L, 20 L
  • Droplet size : 130 – 250 μm
  • Conductivity : 50mS / cm
  • Sprayer speed : 0.40 – 5 L / min
  • Sprayer coverage : 2 – 6.5 meters (max. 3m height)
  • Maximum operating speed : 7m / s
  • Working time : 10 – 20 minutes
  • Working Temperature : 0 ° – 40 ° C
Precision Sprayers are able to cut the cost of agriculture chemical until up to 30% , bringing more positive impact for cost & time efficiency and environment preservation.
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One Plantation

Do you have a plantation/ farm that need to be sprayed several times in one planting cycle? Does your plantation/ farm located in one area?

This working model will enable you to have a special drone sprayer team at your disposal. The drone sprayer team will be placed on your plantation area, taking care of your needs on drone sprayer services.

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All You Can Go

Our Drone Sprayer Team will go wherever you are and whenever you need. 

This working model will enable you to pin point where the next spray will be done. Whether it is in different area, city or even province, our team will serve you in time of your choosing.

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