Will Package-Carrying Drones Happen in Current Civilization?

Package-carrying drones can reduce congestion on urban roads through parcel delivery, but their use doesn’t stop there. Drone delivery brings an evolution in the world of drone technology.

The future of drone technology is determined by the courier and logistics industry. Although less popular, the courier and logistics industry has a significant effect on the use of drones.

Unlike flying taxis or ferry drones, logistics, courier, and package-carrying drones have already shown proof of their functionality. However, the evidence is still being carried out in a few countries.

Several examples of package-carrying drones drone activity have been implemented by companies such as Google, Amazon, UPS, and JD.com, focusing on logistics and courier services.

Meanwhile, drone service companies such as Beehive Drones also have a delivery system, but only as a service by project. Interestingly, it is precisely in the hands of vendors that provide drone utilization services; this drone package delivery system is easier to reach and known by the wider community.

If it is pulled further, it could be that the package-carrying drones system has become part of the community. It’s just that this phenomenon is not recorded and published correctly because of documentation and publication problems.

How do Package-Carrying Drones Work?

The package-carrying drones system has only been implemented for the past few years. Therefore, many things are not yet known. One of them is how delivery drones work. In the business-to-consumer model, the way package-carrying drones work starts from the goods warehouse.

Just like a human courier, drone will bring the package into your front door
Just like a human courier, drone will bring the package into your front door (unsplash/Egor Myznik)

From the warehouse, the goods will be moved to the nearest branch. The transfer of this item can use a large size drone. From the nearest branch, smaller drones pick up the package and bring it to the customer.

In addition to this simple working system, there are still other proposed alternative uses for the delivery drone. The proposals are; Customers can buy various goods at supermarkets or markets and then order package-carrying drones services to deliver groceries to specific locations.

Therefore, if the delivery drone ecosystem works, the sky will become one of the newest sources of traffic congestion.

So, What Are the Advantages of A Drone Delivery System?

In general, to date, there are four implementations of the use of logistics and courier drones, namely:

  • Intralogistics automation, which includes factories and warehouses.
  • Package delivery serving densely populated urban areas.
  • Supply of medical goods, usually to hard-to-reach places.
  • Airfreight transportation, usually in rural areas.

Each of them aims to establish the automation of goods transportation and as a prominent alternative.

Of course, in the context of automation and main-alternative, there will be additional service features. The advantages of drone delivery systems are more flexible, more environmentally friendly, and less expensive than conventional freight transportation systems.

With this number of essential advantages, various types of companies, both logistics, and technology, carry out intensive exploration and testing to develop delivery drones.

For example, one of the industries evolving drones in logistics and courier systems is the food industry. One of the significant reasons for the evolution of drones in the industry is the massive cost savings.

The evolution of the drone delivery food system can only be seen in a few countries. One of the most striking is the United States.

To date, there have been many technical bottlenecks in food package-carrying drones systems. However, if these obstacles can be overcome, evolution will occur and be felt by other countries.

The conventional distribution network will change completely. The system will change and reset; from efficiency, time, cost, labor, and scale.

Delivery Drones: How Reliable?

Suppose the blue sky is visible and there is no wind coming. In that case, it is a signal that the package-carrying drones can show their maximum capabilities.

The bad news, what if the wind from nowhere came blowing hard for hours. Plus, the blue sky can’t be seen because the rain is about to water the earth?

What happens when the storm comes?
What happens when the storm comes? (unsplash/Erik Odiin)

Weather problems are one of the factors that affect the drone package delivery system. Unfortunately, almost all companies do not yet have an answer or solution to this weather problem. However, the package-carrying drones system still depends on fine weather.

The next problem in the world of package-carrying drones is the law. No country on earth has clear, adaptive, and drone-friendly rules. This legal issue is still the subject of discussion and debate in the world of drones.

There are still many other problems, which are not small and inevitably need to be considered and faced slowly. The main intention is to create a marvelous drone package delivery ecosystem.

So, then, the question; how reliable is the package carrying Drone? For the development of drone technology in general, what is happening in delivery drone systems is one of the large-scale explorations in non-military practices.

The drone package delivery system in the logistics and courier industry does have the potential for radical change.

So, after all, the drone package delivery ecosystem remains a reliable technology. However, its use is still limited and requires ingenuity here and there.

Is It The Future or Happy Valley?

Package delivery services using drones have arrived and are still carrying out their exploration. The challenge lies in how drones become an integral part of the package delivery system, both for commercial and non-commercial purposes.

In addition, the dependence of drones on the weather and matters of legal regulation are external obstacles that need to be solved.

Suppose these essential obstacles have adequately been addressed. In that case, the next challenge will be how the infrastructure and its ecosystem can coexist with the community. So, it means that penetration, promotion, and approach to the community still need to be done comprehensively.

With various obstacles, which are not small, both projected and unprojected, the package-carrying drones system can radically change conventional methods and values.

Achieving this radical change requires a collaborative ecosystem from various parties—the government, the logistics and courier industry, tech-company, drone community, etc.

Therefore, a collaborative ecosystem of stakeholders and the general public can determine whether the package-carrying drones system is just an endless happy valley or an applicable future.


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