The Multiplicity of Drone Mapping Software: A Mapping Activity for New Comer

Choosing the best drone mapping software in recent years has turned out to be quite tricky.

The reason is that there are many types of best drone mapping software on the market with several features and technologies that make work easier.

Therefore, choosing the best drone mapping software must be adjusted to the needs and work that the quadcopter will carry out.

Drone mapping software is software that will assist pilots in mapping using drones. Mapping using a quadcopter is an activity to map the area with drone images (photogrammetry).

Survey work in the air has become one of the goals of mapping or photogrammetry. The result can be done quickly by using a quadcopter. Even the process is fast and easy, coupled with the low cost compared to the manual method.

The use of drone aerial mapping software needs is increasingly in demand, considering the significant community needs related to relevant and accurate data.

What Is The Best Drone Mapping Software In 2021?

As stated earlier, there is a lot of mapping software now. Maybe those of you who are new to the quadcopter world have trouble choosing an excellent application for mapping.

Difficulty choosing mapping software is a common thing. It was especially considering that the mapping process using quadcopter is never as easy as it sounds.

It is a long and convoluted process. You had to install apps, think about the hardware of the UAVs, and do many other things. Therefore, if someone says that aerial drone mapping software is more straightforward, they most likely have done mapping using the GPS protocol.

Back to best drone mapping software. There are two kinds of drone aerial mapping software. The first one is an application for a mobile controller. Another one is software for a desktop controller.

The quadcopter mapping mobile application is an application commonly used to perform mapping installed on mobile devices.

There are three types of mobile devices for drone aerial mapping software: Android, iOS iPhone, and iOS iPad.

Why are iPad and iPhone separated? Because there is a UAV’s mapping application on the iPad that cannot be installed on the iPhone. Even though both are the same iOS application.

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So, here is the list of the best drone mapping software in 2021:


DJI Go is the default application for DJI drones. The DJI Go app is used to run most of the DJI drone series, such as the DJI Inspire, Phantom 3, Matrice, and DJI Osmo.

DJI Go 4

DJI launched the DJI Go 4 Application to operate more premium DJI UAV’s products, such as the DJI Spark, DJI Mavic, DJI Phantom 4, DJI Inspire 2, and DJI Matrice.


The Pix4DCapture app is a free drone mapping app available on the Play Store or App Store. In addition to providing free applications, there is also cheap drone mapping software from Pix4D.

Drone Deployment

This software is Web-based. However, you can use it for smartphones. It is enough to first create an AOI in Google Earth. Then upload from the desktop web, design a mission, and open it on a smartphone.

Agisoft PhotScan

Agisoft PhotScan is the best drone mapping software with more than a decade of experience.

This software has a high level of survey accuracy. Plus, several features and uses produce imagery and visual effects.

Like many other UAV’s mapping software brands, Agisoft also has some package options. From standard to premium.

The best thing about Agisoft PhotoScan is that the standard edition of the software can perform many of the functions needed for aerial mapping.

What Is The Cheapest Drone Mapping Software?

Have the best drone mapping software as needed; price is an unavoidable consideration. Therefore, several drone aerial mapping software has several editions related to price.

You can start with free and cheap drone mapping software, up to premium for industrial and professional needs.

Several cheap drone mapping software is open source. So, you can get software at low prices and can be developed as needed.

The following is a list of cheap drone mapping software available in the market:


Pix4D is one of the pioneers of drone aerial mapping software. One of its products, Pix4D Mapper, is designed for the needs of professional drone mapping.

Pix4D Mapper is a drone 3d mapping software that has functionality for RGB, thermal and multi-spectral imaging. Pix4D Mapper lets you perform the auto-pilot function in quadcopter flight. Plus, it features image data transfer and provides the most detailed survey-level results.

Bentley ContextCapture

Bentley self-claims as a software company for professional infrastructure needs. The best part about Bentley is they provide drone 3d mapping software at an affordable price but with excellent quality

Bentley has dozens of different types of software packages. One of the packages is drone aerial mapping software. However, there are many other software packages related to drone mapping that Bentley has.

Agisoft Metashape

Agisoft is the cheapest drone mapping software with the best innovations during the drone development period.

When you buy an Agisoft Metashape product, you own the software forever. There is no such thing as paying for annual renewal.

Agisoft’s advanced innovation is in photogrammetric algorithms. Plus, the ease of their interface and user experience for the past decade.

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Unsplash/Miguel Ángel Hernández

What Is The Best Free Drone Mapping Software?

There are many free and best drone mapping software. In addition, almost all of the software is open drone map photogrammetry software.

The following is a list of free drone aerial mapping software:

  1. PrecisionMapper
  2. WebODM
  3. DJI GroundStation
  4. RAPID by DroneMapper
  5. DroneDeploy
  6. Pix4Dmapper
  8. Bentley ContextCapture
  9. Regard3D
  10. Meshroom
  11. MicMac
  12. Multi-View Environment (MVE)
  13. OpenMVG
  14. VisualSFM
  15. COLMAP

There are still many editions and types of the best drone mapping software out there. However, the above list should be enough to help you get started with drone aerial mapping software activities. And the best step is with free, open drone map photogrammetry software.


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