The C-Levels of Beehive Drones Talk About Drone Sprayer in Ganjar Pranowo’s Podcast

The C-Levels of Beehive Drones, Gian and Anindita, talk about Drone Sprayer in Ganjar Pranowo’s Podcast. The Governor of Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo was impressed by the drone innovation of two young people from Solo and Yogyakarta.

Anindita Pradana Suteja is a graduate of the University of Manchester, England. Albertus Gian is a graduate of the Imperial College London, England. After finishing their studies, they express their attitude of returning to Indonesia to apply their knowledge to society.

Therefore, they make drones that can help in various lives. The drones they created can be used to help farmers fertilize or spray.

Not to mention, they are also developing drones for logistics transportation that have been tested to deliver vaccines in Sumenep, East Java. They have also made drones for regional monitoring, monitoring border areas, and as a source of data collection.

“This is our promise, sir, we are a state-funded school. We are recipients of LPDP scholarships. We have promised, after studying we will come back to Indonesia to apply our knowledge,” said Gian.

“Then after returning to Indonesia, we thought about how to develop this technology. We then decide to make drones to support agriculture and forestry. In 2018, then we created this Beehive Drones company,” said Anindita.

Beehive Drones creates drones to help the agriculture and forestry industry

Beehive Drones then created drones that helped the agricultural industry. The first drone was used for fertilization and spraying projects. The farmers rent drones for spraying and fertilizing farmers at a very cheap rate, which is Rp. 40,000 for one plot of paddy fields.

Currently, it has helped many farmers with the use of drone technology. Every three months, there are 300 hectares of agricultural land in Central Java that have utilized drone technology.

Ganjar Pranowo also strongly supports the existence of drones that are created to map agricultural data, such as how much land is, harvest predictions, who will plant, what kind of plant, where, etc.

Anindita and Gian beehive drones

Drone Technology to support smart farming 4.0 

Smart farming 4.0 is a technology-based intelligent farming method, where there are several agricultural technologies used, including automatic watering, drone sprayers (drones that spray pesticides and liquid fertilizers), surveillance drones (drones for land mapping), and soil and weather sensors. 

The application of the smart farming 4.0 method is not just about the application of agricultural technology. However, the main key of this method is measurable data. What do plants need to achieve optimal production results? What should farmers do? All of these questions can be answered by implementing the smart farming 4.0 method.

The application of the smart farming 4.0 method can be a solution to various problems in the Indonesian agricultural sector. The future of Indonesian agriculture is technology-based smart agriculture.

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