More Close Up To The Best Drones With Obstacle Avoidance In 2021

Best drones with obstacle avoidance detection are key focus points in the global UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) market.

More hobbyists and professionals alike understand the charisma and commercial benefits of drones with obstacle avoidance sensors.

The best drones with obstacle avoidance are drones with an excellent system to avoid collisions. Many other names for the system to avoid collisions. For example, the precrash system, forward collision warning system and collision mitigation system.

Each designation symbolizes the use of several sensors, including camera sensors, ultrasonic sensors, lasers, and others.

The drone’s lightweight and general drone components make the drone impervious to impact. When a drone crashes, it usually requires expensive and time-consuming repairs.

One easy solution to the risk of damage due to impact is to enclose the entire vehicle in a protective structure that absorbs the force of the collision.

Meanwhile, there are still many problems and shortcomings in the application of obstacles to collision avoidance sensors. So, it is not easy to get the best drones with obstacle avoidance systems.

Examples of problems are the type of sensor, the number of sensors, and there is still a very high disturbance or noise on the system.

The Technology of Drone Collision Avoidance: What You Need To Know

Drones that have detection, prevention and action capabilities have an integral system. The system involves several complex technologies that work together in action.

There are some sensors, software programming, hardware, mathematical modelling, algorithms, machine learning, cameras, etc.

An example of technology in best drones with obstacle avoidance is sensor fusion. Several branded drones on the market use sensor fusion for collision avoidance systems.

Sensor fusion in UAV’s is a method of combining and processing data from several different sensors. The goal is to get more capable data from data coming from one type of sensor.

These various obstacle avoidance sensors feed data to the flight controller protocol. This protocol runs the software and detects obstacles.

But using sensor fusion and controlling flight services can be much more than that. That’s why the best drones with obstacle avoidance have a lot of advantages.

For example, the Beehive Drone uses sensor fusion technology in drone activities for agriculture.

Drone activity for agriculture uses multispectral sensors. This multispectral technology sensor uses the Green, Red, Edge Red and Near-Infrared wavebands to capture images of plants and vegetation.

The flight controller protocol is process plant image data scanned by obstacle detection sensors in real-time.

Each UAV’s has a different response after the object is detected. Sensors in charge of scanning the environment and entering data back into the flight control system are the primary reference for obstacle avoidance algorithms in UAVs.

drone protocol
Pexels/ Maƫl BALLAND

The flight control protocol will direct the UAV according to the visual interpretation of the algorithm’s data: fly around, over, or standstill in front of obstacles.

An obstacle avoidance algorithm is a protocol or set of rules that must be executed in the process of processing data from various sensors. Algorithms have a crucial role in making UAVs the worst or the best drones with obstacle avoidance.

The algorithm will execute a detailed and comprehensive set of instructions to solve detecting all kinds of objects.

There are several types of obstacle avoidance algorithms for drones. Each class has different data processing capabilities.

Some algorithms can work in real-time, and some can even provide object image projections.

SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) is a fundamental technology for excellent and best drones with obstacle avoidance.

SLAM is how a UAV system can create a map of the environment and orient itself correctly within this map in real-time.

SLAM technology works to build a pre-existing environmental map. The map is then refined as the drone moves through the environment.

That’s why the main challenge of SLAM is accuracy. Measurement activity under various conditions-which becomes an obstacle to the measurement activity.

The SLAM protocol is not something easy. For this reason, this protocol continues to face challenges, exploration, research, and technology development.

Most drones today fly using the GPS. It is common to find GPS drones with obstacle avoidance. Several items have connected GPS in their collision avoidance obstacle system. Call it some brands such as DJI, Yuneec, Walkera, and Autel.

drone obstacle

How To Make Obstacle Avoidance Drone for Beginner

Creating an obstacle avoidance system for drones can be done by a beginner. Of course, the results will not be as perfect as those best drones with obstacle avoidance made by big brands.

To get a complete explanation of how to make an obstacle avoidance drone for beginners, you can check several tutorials on the internet that can be used as references.

The tutorials are DIY. Therefore, you can apply further development. The following is a list of YouTube channels or websites that provide tutorials on creating an Obstacle Avoidance System for Drones:

  1. with the tutorial title Tinee9: DIY Drone Avoidance Sensor. This tutorial creates an avoidance sensor on the DJI Mavic Air.
  2. DFRobot with the tutorial title How To Make An Ultrasonic Obstacle-avoidance Drone. This tutorial will create an avoidance drone with an ultrasonic sensor.
  3. DIYLIFEHACKER with the title Obstacle Avoidance (part1) | DIY | On Any Drone | DIYLIFEHACKER. This simple tutorial will discuss avoidance systems with ultrasonic sensors and the maximum use of an open-source.

Beginner Drones With Obstacle Avoidance

Quadcopters evolve at a very high speed. The development of UAV’s technology is getting more intelligent and more sophisticated.

The presence of new sensors, GPS, processors, algorithms, and many other features make a pilot activity more accessible and more enjoyable. All of that technology is summarized in GPS drones with obstacle avoidance.

However, imagining the best drones with obstacle avoidance systems and the latest technology means imagining an expensive quadcopter. Of course, this isn’t very pleasant.

For a beginner who does early exploration, price is one of the primary considerations.

The good news is that GPS quadcopters with obstacle avoidance are affordable and suitable for beginners.

Here is a list of affordable GPS drones with obstacle avoidance for beginners:


2. HUBSAN X4 H502S


4. Wingsland S6

5. Everyine E58

Having the best drones with obstacle avoidance systems will have many benefits. At least, early prevention of collisions will cost a lot of repairs. So, it’s time to choose; have a drone with a preventative system or are ready to spend a lot of money repairing a drone.


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