How To Choose A Drone: A Serious Question for Beginner, And This Is The Answer

For a beginner, how to choose the right drone is a question with a confusing answer. However, since coming to the public, drones have attracted many people.

Drones are objects of interest to hobbyists, pilots, aviators, and photographers. From standard model drones that cost under $100 to professional or racing drones that can cost upwards of $500, the horizon for drones is really wide.

There is much confusion about choosing the right drone with various features, designs, performance, and brands. As a result, buying a new drone can be tricky.

This guide will help outline the basic differences between these types of drones and everything you need to know before your UAV reaches the skies.

Before it is time to fly, it is important to consider three main things: budget, experience and intent. Nevertheless, of course, each of these considerations will vary between buyers.

The reason is simple; The meaning of the perfect drone is different for every person. Here are some quick tips on what to think about how to choose the right drone:

  1. Choosing a cheap toy drone is a great way to learn the basics of drones before investing in a higher-quality device.
  2. Most drones on the market fall into two price categories, under $100 and over $100. Cheap UAVs have very basic features and controls. While the more expensive ones have many high-quality features with the latest technology.
  3. Most drones are easy to repair after an accident. However, keep in mind that parts and service costs are not cheap.
  4. UAV flight time is always limited by duration, capability and battery life.
  5. A good pilot always thinks about the radius of his position with the drone’s signal range.

What Kind Of Drone Are You Looking For?

You should already be aware that there are many types of drones on the market. You ranged from racing drones, cheap toy drones, drones for photography, sports drones, etc.

So you need to set goals and need inventory. First, decide what category of drone you are aiming for. For simplification, there are 3 main categories; beginners, visual drones and FPV racing.

Each model in the category is selected based on features, quality, weaknesses, ease of use, rating, and user reviews. Make sure your inventory of needs and set goals is on the spectrum of the three categories.

Simple Tricks Before You Buy a Drone

Like any new trend, the market is a confusing horizon for the uninitiated. So here are some tips to consider when buying a drone.

1. Adjust the Budget. Like any other market, the drone industry offers a wide variety of quadcopters. Ranging from toy class to industrial class UAV. As with any new purchase, it is important to set a budget and stick to it. So that the drone you buy fits your finances.

2.  Set a goal. Deciding on the best UAV depends on many factors. The question is, what are your hopes and achievements? Do you choose drones only for the home complex field? Or just a selfie drone? Or tracking a bird’s journey? Or for agricultural needs? Or for streaming videos from Korean boy band music concerts?

Do you want something you can take out of the box and fly right away with your smartphone? Or do you want to tinker, explore for research purposes?

3. Educate yourself. Like any new hobby, item or job, choosing a drone is all about the learning process you follow. Owning a drone requires skill. Which means it requires education. Like, chatting with experienced hobbyists or reading the manual more carefully.

The good news is that the increasing popularity of drones has spawned several informal education communities and institutions. So it is quite easy to learn and establish a relationship with someone who is more qualified.

4. Have a maintenance plan. Pilots and quadcopters will always face obstacles in flight. One day, those obstacles will wreak havoc on your beloved UAV, damaged and in need of repair.

Therefore, when choosing a drone, also consider how it is maintained. When your first drone crashes, that’s when you’ll learn how skilled you are at repairing drones.

At the very least, make a mitigation plan when a drone crashes. For example, will you send the drone to a repairman, or will it be repaired yourself? The problem of a damaged drone also means how to access spare parts at your domicile.

When buying a quadcopter for the first time, remember that choosing a drone is all about personal empowerment. Choosing and to own a drone is about how your creativity, character, communication and persistence are put to the test.

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