Getting to Know Beehive Drones, Startup That Makes Local Drones to Deliver Logistics

Beehive Drones is an Indonesian startup that may have the most advanced technology in developing local logistics drones. The drones they developed were intended to deliver vital goods, such as medicine, between islands.

Beehive Drones was founded by three people who met in England when the founders were pursuing master’s degrees, namely Albertus Gian Dessayes, Anindita Pradana Suteja, and Ishak Hilton Pujantoro Tnunay.

Beehive Drones expand their wings further. Beehive Drones currently provides a drone service system to help a number of conventional industries in Indonesia.

Not long after, they collaborated with the Telkomsel Innovation Center/Tinc. Both companies are increasingly motivated to provide important efforts in hard-to-reach areas in Indonesia.

Beehive Drones CEO Albertus Gian Dessayes said Tinc is supporting Beehive Drones to develop a medical delivery drone solution. The hope is that this medical drone ecosystem will help the health industry at home and abroad. Beehive Drones itself is a startup that is part of Tinc, a Telkomsel corporate accelerator program. Currently

Beehive Drones are in the final stages of commercial release. As a Telkomsel corporate accelerator program, Tinc acts as a forum for local startups in the pre-seed and seed stages to accelerate and collaborate with Telkomsel to build commercial solutions.

The problem that Beehive Drones and Tinc see together is that a number of areas in Indonesia are underdeveloped, difficult to reach, and remote areas. Lack of infrastructure and uneven regional development are also additional problems.

In line with Jockie’s statement, Gian also stated that the Beehive Drone initiative was an endeavor for major medical logistics problems in remote areas.

“We held FGDs with doctors in Indonesia, at that time there were 20 regencies present. They stated that there must be hard-to-reach areas and there were people. Therefore, we are trying to solve this problem with drones,” said Gian.

With Tinc, Beehive Drones has succeeded in combining its technology with Telkomsel’s technology. “Thus resulting in technological improvements that can be used as solutions in remote areas. Just like what will be done in Sumenep, Madura,” continued Gian regarding the collaboration of Beehive Drones with Telkomsel.

So, the combination of Beehive Drones and Tinc innovations is projected to be a beneficial combination for the people of Indonesia, especially those in remote areas.

The country’s medical industry can take advantage of the medical drone ecosystem which was developed as a solution for a number of medical logistics needs, last-mile delivery, and many other problems.

The target for developing medical drones is not only for Indonesia’s needs. A number of other countries are also experiencing the same medical logistics problems as Indonesia. So, this medical drone can also be used for foreign needs.

The collaboration received a warm welcome from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia because it is in line with the objectives of the Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka Program (MBKM).


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