FPV Camera for Drones: Basic Knowledge, Technology and Latest Prices 2021

When you first see the racing of FPV cameras drones, you are certainly amazed by this phenomenon. Even more amazed when you spot how the pilot flies it.

A pair of FPV-camera goggles a drone pilot wears looks like a thing from the future; futuristic,  cyberpunk, and hi-tech.

In 2021, the development of FPV cameras for drones, increasingly spreading throughout the world. So, more and more people are like you: amazed at the FPV racing drone phenomenon.

So, let’s get to know every detail of the FPV-camera drone. And you will understand the drone racing phenomenon, then share this knowledge with your friends. Who knows, someone out there will be interested and invite you to play an FPV racing drone.

What is FPV Camera?

FPV stands for First Person View, a drone technology system that provides the sensation and interaction of piloting an actual aircraft.

FPV camera system provides a virtual reality experience. It gives the pilot a real-time view of the drone being flown. More sophisticated FPV drones can provide more than just a visual scene.

Flying an FPV drone provides a very intensive flight experience and awareness. In other words, the FPV drone automatically increases pilot control and understanding of the drone being flown.

FPV drones are a kind of development of radio-control (RC) toy technology. When playing with RC toys, your perspective is a third-person perspective. FPV-camera lets you have a first-person perspective.

The simulation is like a video game, but the FPV drone is real and exists in your reality.

Drones with FPV-camera as an action figure
Drones with FPV-camera as an action figure (unsplash/redcharlie)

FPV Camera Systematization and Main Parts

The working principle of the mini FPV cameras for drones is not complicated. You place this mini camera and video transmitter in your favourite drone. Then, you use a pair of glasses containing a receiver and a small screen to experience the sensation of a first-person perspective on a drone.

Because the working principle is not complicated, these cameras can be adapted to various types of drone-like systems, such as RC toys.

The working of the FPV camera system consists of two main parts, namely the land part and the air part.

The ground part, or the non-flying part, consists of the FPV goggles and the remote. The aerial part, or the flying part, consists of the FPV camera and transmitter.

FPV cameras for drones are small cameras connected to a transmitter. An essential function of the camera is the pilot’s eye. Therefore, the video quality of cameras is not very high. Plus, it’s rare for a camera to have recording capabilities.

For this reason, it is common to find two cameras in an FPV drone. One camera serves as the pilot’s eye. While other cameras, usually minimum HD-quality, function to record.

The video transmitter on the drone serves to convey signals to the signal receiver in the FPV glasses. When this tool is disturbed, the pilot will not get perspective from the FPV cameras.

As for the ground, FPV goggles are the core component of the FPV-camera drone. FPV goggles have an antenna to pick up the signal from the drone. In addition, there is a small screen to display what the mini FPV cameras capture on the drone.

There is also a remote control that functions to control the movement of the drone. In general, a remote control consists of two sticks and some buttons. Each rod and controller have a specific control capability.

With the principal parts above, you need to combine them in an FPV system. Then it remains only to attach it to the drone. Then put on the FPV goggles, and start controlling the drone.

Best FPV-Camera In Market

Like other technology patterns, mini FPV cameras for drones have ratings. Some cameras have prime quality with the latest technology. And then, a standard camera is commonly used by drone pilots. Other cameras are subpar.

There are several primary considerations to determine the quality, capabilities, and technology of the eye-pilot. Those considerations are size, weight, latency, image sensor, a field of view, and resolution (TVL).

2021 Best FPV-Camera by Technology

1. FXT 800TVL Mini FPV Camera

This camera is considered the lightest and smallest camera in the world. This mini FPV camera is also believed to have excellent capabilities with the best quality.

2. RunCam Eagle 2 Pro FPV Camera

Like the predecessor series popular among drone lovers, Eagle’s FPV camera series is also considered the best choice.

3. Spotter Camera V2 Micro FPV AIO‚Äč

Its relatively small size compared to other similar cameras is its main advantage. In addition, the installation is also straightforward. Therefore, this camera is suitable to be the best choice for beginners.

4. Crazepony Caddx Turtle V2 FPV Camera

Weighing only 12 grams and measuring less than 20 mm2, this hi-tech camera is compelling to be a pilot’s eye. The ability and quality of the resulting video are profound.

5. Wolfwhoop WT03 Micro FPV AIO 600TVL camera

Easy to attach to the drone. Truly plug and play so that the installation and use are pretty friendly for beginners. The quality of the camera and the resulting field of view also spoil the pilot’s eyes.

One of crazepony's FPV-camera drone products
One of crazepony’s FPV-camera drone products (crazepony)

2021 Best FPV-Camera by Budget

1. Wolfwhoop WD03 Micro FPV AIO 600TVL camera

You can get this mini camera on Amazon for $16.82. Easy installation and already has the All in One feature. It is suitable for beginners who are just doing their initial exploration of the drone world with an FPV-camera.

2. Wolfwhoop WT02 600TVL Ultra Micro AIO Camera

The price is not much different from the previous series. You can get it on Amazon for $16.99. These mini FPV cameras are suitable for those of you who are trying to assemble your drone.

3. AKK Micro FPV AIO Camera (600TVL) and 5.8G 0/25/50/200mW with Switchable Transmitter

These All-in-One FPV cameras for drones attract many beginners. This mini FPV-camera has a field of view with a viewing angle of 120o horizontal and 150o diagonal. You can get this camera for $18.99 on Amazon. In addition to the price, the mini size is also the main attraction.


What is in this article is only an initial introduction to FPV cameras for drones. Several detailed factors still need to be considered when trying out a drone with a first perspective view camera.

What is clear, if you are interested in being a drone pilot and feel the experience of a first-person perspective, the FPV camera system provides the best answer.

It will be much easier if you meet a pilot or someone more skilled in the world of FPV cameras drones. That way, you can calibrate their experience with theory gleaned from the internet.

Ah yes, this is the Covid-19 pandemic era. We have limited mobility. Therefore, it’s easier; you can go directly to Instagram Beehive Drone, ask questions about FPV cameras. We’d love to share info and experiences for these future technological insights.


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