Drone Delivery: Development, Starting Point, and Indonesia Spectrum

A delivery drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) used to carry packages. The packages sent can vary widely, ranging from medical supplies, food, cosmetics, or other items purchased from e-commerce.

The COVID-19 pandemic is stimulating growth in activity, coverage and development of delivery drones. Delivery drone services are an alternative to sending several types of equipment, medical needs, cargo, food supplies, etc.

Contactless delivery is the advantage of this package-to-package drone service. Another advantage is the reach to remote areas at an affordable cost and faster time.

Point of Departure and Destination of Drone Delivery

The delivery drone market is classified by:

a. Types of drones, namely rotary-wing and fixed-wing.

b. The package carried capacity is less than 10kg and more than 10kg.

c. Consumers/end-users, namely for health, food, logistics, or retail needs

d. Regional/geography of activity, namely Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific, and global

During the Covid-19 pandemic and the increase in delivery services via drones, various countries have begun to relax regulations to support drone operations in their airspace.

Ease of regulation from the state is one effective way to accelerate the growth of delivery drones. Therefore, currently, some delivery drone services have begun to show their dominance.

At the same time, some companies are starting to enter the market, making the first flights, and getting approval from the relevant authorities to run their services.

The good news is that there has also been increased investment into delivery drone development and out-of-visual-range capability (BVLOS) integration in UAVs.

Some essential factors above will be the starting point for market growth and further development in the coming years.

Benefits of Drone Delivery

There are several benefits of using a logistics drone service, namely:

1. Keep costs down

In general, drone services are cheaper than traditional courier services using vehicles. Thus, the drone service can reduce logistics costs as much as possible.

2. Delivery speed

Packer delivery drones guarantee faster arrival times than traditional couriers.

3. High mobility

The destination of the delivery drone is based on specified coordinates. To then be reached by air. This factor is different from the traditional delivery process, which depends on traffic and road conditions.

4. Tracking

The drone delivery mechanism makes it very easy to track packages in real-time. Of course, this isn’t easy to obtain from conventional shipping activities.

5. Eco-friendly

The footprint of carbon emissions is minimal—especially when compared to vehicles that use conventional cargo.

6. Facilitate the delivery of goods damaged quickly

With fast delivery times and a stable delivery process, drones make it easy to ship items at risk of being damaged quickly.

Development of Delivery Drones In Indonesia: Beehive Drone As A Answer

The retail and logistics segments still dominate the market and are likely to dominate over the next few years. One that is starting to show its strength in the market is Beehive Drones, a drone services company from Indonesia.

Beehive Drones began to launch trials of last-mile delivery drones for medical needs at the end of October 2021. This trial was held in the Sumenep archipelago, Madura, East Java, Indonesia.

This pilot activity is part of a series of plans by Beehive Drones as a provider of drug logistics systems for communities in islands and remote areas.

The discourse of drones as a logistics system solution has been a big focus in recent years. However, the issue of regulation and readiness related to Indonesian airspace is still an obstacle.

The development of delivery drones in Indonesia has been a big focus for a long time. It has only been stepping out in recent years. Beehive Drones are the key to this activity. Later, with the operation of delivery drone services that carry medicines and medical needs, improving public health levels in hard-to-reach areas will be better.

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