DJI’s First Flight Settings: What You Need To Set Up As A Pilot

Using a drone for the first time does have a fun and proud sensation. Moreover, there is still a view that drones are difficult to use. So, if you can fly a drone, the pilot’s intelligence level will increase many times.

The good news is, thanks to the DJI drone, even a beginner can start flying drones. Although of course there will always be some problems on the first flight.

Therefore, several essential steps need to be taken to prevent the first-time flight experience from becoming a nightmare.

Therefore, this is a summary of the DJI first flight guide for beginners, consisting of controller, aircraft, and pilot settings.

1. Find A Safe Location To Fly

A safe location for flying is a vital aspect. Because you have to make sure the position:

a. For safe landing and takeoff.

b. To ensure that the location is legal to fly.

2. The Weather Must Be Sunny

Most DJI drones are not good at flying when it’s raining, lightning strikes, or strong winds. Therefore, use a weather application to find out the conditions around the flight area.

3. Set Up and Inspect Your Drone

When you first unbox a new drone box, you will be faced with some settings. For example, you’ll need to charge the battery, install propellers, format a memory card, or connect a controller to a DJI drone.

Some video tutorials on Youtube, manuals and guides from the DJI application can be your path before unboxing.

4. Set The Maximum Height and Distance

Setting the maximum flight altitude and distance is an effort to avoid losing your favorite quadcopter. For that, you can select both in the main settings menu of the application. The purpose of the scene is the drone does not exceed the maximum limit that has been set.

5. Compass Calibration

By calibrating the compass, you ensure that the GPS is functioning correctly. That way, drone flights, pilot navigation, or reading maps on the screen will be easier and better controlled.

6. Controller Mastery

Mastering controller settings is a mandatory thing that should be done before flying. The mastery of controller is the adventure of understanding from day one until you retire as a pilot.

As a new pilot, practicing using the controller to perform various flight maneuvers or understanding its parts is not mandatory.

You can refer to various guide videos on YouTube to practice. As much as possible, don’t be too confident to fly the drone without understanding the controller first.

7. Mastery of Drone Flight Applications

Most of the drone settings, camera controls, and visual information related to a lot of data will be displayed in the app.

Therefore, you also need to understand this application. Along with controller mastery training, you can also practice understanding and mastering DJI flight applications.

Please take the time to ensure that your flight conditions are appropriate, safe, and regulated. The key to DJI’s first flight is safety and mastery of controller settings. Make sure you understand everything and practice doing it.

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