Commercial Drone Industry in the Business World

Industries have transformed and adapted as technology continues to grow and play a larger role in consumers’ lives. As a result of ubiquitous Internet access, businesses have shifted away from brick-and-mortar locations and toward primarily online services. In this shift, online businesses reduce the overhead costs of running a physical store, such as rent and wages.

The Goal of Drone Business

  • The drone market in 2021 will grow at 9.4% CAGR and reach US$41.3 billion by 2026
  • A market for service-oriented drones
  • Despite revised industry definitions, energy remains king.
  • COVID-19: the drone market reaches a tipping point in 2021

The use of drones for work has increased exponentially in recent years as the drone industry has grown. Drones are now being used for a variety of tasks as well as recreational activities—believe it or not, people are even using drones to help them improve their fishing skills.

In this article, we’ll look at all of the different ways that drones are being used for work, as well as the regulatory requirements for commercial drone use.

The Example of Drone Industry in Business World

Here are some of the top industries and sectors that are currently using drones for commercial purposes, as well as how they are using them: 


Farmers use drones to collect data on their crops, which they then use to improve yields.


Drones are being used in the chemical industry to improve indoor inspections by collecting visual data inside large assets used in chemical processes instead of inspectors.


Drones are assisting conservation efforts in a variety of ways, including providing detailed vegetation maps to aid in the tracking of forestry work and water mapping to better understand how water moves through an area. Drones that shoot out seeds from the air have also been developed, which could aid in reforestation efforts in deforested areas.


Consumer drone delivery has yet to be widely adopted anywhere in the world, but it represents a significant contribution for commercial drones. Medical drone delivery is currently taking place in countries as diverse as Rwanda, the United States, and Switzerland (where Flyability is headquartered).


High-end drones have been used for years to capture aerial shots for movies instead of helicopters, which are more expensive and difficult to work with.


Mining companies are turning to tough indoor drones such as the Elios 2 to help them map their mines. These maps improve safety and can assist companies in locating ore that would otherwise be lost.


Insurance companies are constantly processing claims, particularly after major storms. Drones are assisting insurance companies in processing roof damage claims much more quickly by allowing adjusters to collect visual data from the sky rather than climbing ladders. Insurance companies are also using drones for accident reconstruction, which allows them to piece together how an auto collision occurred in order to validate auto-related insurance claims.

Oil and gas 

Indoor drones, such as the Elios 2, are having a significant impact in the oil and gas industry by providing inspectors with a tool for collecting high-quality visual data inside assets critical to the oil refining process, such as tanks, FCC units, and risers.

Production of electricity 

Indoor drones are also assisting inspectors in accessing areas that would otherwise be difficult to reach in terms of power generation. Drones can also help keep inspectors safe from the dangers of radiation at nuclear power plants by collecting visual data on key assets such as boilers in place of inspectors.

Public Security 

Drones have been used by law enforcement, fire departments, and search and rescue teams in recent years. Police use drones to improve situational awareness and map densely populated areas, firefighters use drones to collect thermal data that can pinpoint where they should focus their efforts, and search and rescue personnel use drones with both thermal and visual sensors to help find people who have gone missing in the wilderness.

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