Best GPS Drones: A Basic Knowledge to Choose and Buy

The main reason for the existence of the best GPS drones is that pilots are not content to fly short distances

The drone pilot always wonders if they can do more with drones. That’s when the best GPS drones appeared.

A best GPS drone module helps the pilot fly steadily. It not only makes the journey of UAV safer but also helps the drone navigate. This is the primary basis of GPS drones.

A GPS can perform long-range missions for UAV’s, locked into fairly precise GPS positions, and return without the risk of loss.

The result? With a remote and a GPS, the undertaking of most quadcopters seems more like playing a video game. 

However, behind that easy user interface, multi-system technologies work to make UAVs’ flight mechanics as smooth as possible. Like, a gyroscope, GPS, accelerometer, and other systems.

A quadcopter with GPS can be controlled remotely, often from a smartphone, tablet, or FPV.

Wireless connectivity lets pilots view the UAVs and their surroundings from a bird’s-eye perspective.

Pilots can leverage apps to pre program specific GPS coordinates and create an automated flight path for the UAV.

What is GPS

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is one of four Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS). It is the American system of 24 satellites that orbit the earth and assist with navigation.

Other countries with their GNSS are Russia, the European Union, and China, known as GLONASS, Galileo, and BeiDou.

Those kinds of orbiting satellites broadcast signals with highly accurate location and time data. The GPS receiver on the ground uses movement and timing to calculate its exact location (latitude, longitude, and altitude).

While the technology is now several decades old, only in the last few years have GPS receivers become a ubiquitous part of our lives.

Almost everyone carries a GPS receiver in their pocket. The standard form of it is a smartphone. More specifically, it is a quadcopter with GPS.

More specifically, it is a quadcopter with GPS.

gps system
Source: unsplash/Waldemar Brandt

How GPS Helps Your Drone Fly

The incorporation of GPS receivers in advanced drones allows for GPS drone waypoint navigation.

The mode is an advanced technology that allows a drone to fly to preprogrammed points autonomously.

The system can instruct the UAV’s how fast, how high, and where to fly. It can also be programmed to hover for a while over each waypoint.

Using the best GPS drones, the pilot can inspect an area at the predesignated positions. The drones autopilot system can then focus its attention on the camera and conduct the inspection.

The strength of the drone GPS signal determines the accuracy of the navigation. Degradation/loss of signal will decrease the accuracy of UAV location data. And possibly force the unit to terminate its navigation until a human intervenes, or it crashes.

The pilot cannot fly in any GPS-based flight mode or use the autonomous failsafe functions until the GPS acquires four or more satellites. Those four or more satellites mode is also known as a GPS fix or GPS lock.

Typically, the ground station software will alert the pilot if GPS is losing accuracy. Or your UAV doesn’t have enough of a GPS lock for GPS-guided flight.

A specific sign that pilots have a degraded GPS signal is UAVs drifting horizontally. Usually, the drift is greater than 4 meters (US GPS Standard accuracy) while in a GPS-guided hover.

The Best GPS Drones That You Can Get

GPS drones are increasingly popular in recent years. Not only for commercial use. GPS drones have become a more personal use.  

Some even boast serious specs, like drones autopilot systems, making them suitable for more hard-spec commercial use.

Here are some of the best GPS drones in the market. 

  • The DJI Mavic 2

If the budget is not a big problem, the DJI Mavic 2 is a good choice.

This GPS drone is good enough for any beginner out there. The good news is this quadcopter with GPS offers a lot of features and specs.

Not only an autopilot system for drones, but the features can also make a beginner pilot like a professional drone rider.

  • YUNEEC Typhoon H Plus Pro

Although this is one of the more expensive GPS drones, it does boast some serious specs.

Some spec pilots can get a built-in camera, five types of the drones autopilot system, etc.

Another good thing from this GPS drone is Intel RealSense Technology. This technology is creating a 3D model of an area.

Yes, YUNEEC Typhoon H Plus Pro is the best GPS drone you can get if your budget is unlimited.

  • Walkera Scout X4

This GPS drone is another good choice for a beginner.

The flight ability is more than 1000 meters and flight time is  about 25 minutes.

You can’t get a built-in camera. But you have a G-3D gimbal stabilization for the camera.

The approach to this kind of quadcopter with GPS makes the pilot more adventurous.

track done
Unsplash/Avi Richards

How Track Down Your Lost Drone

Imagine the best GPS drones you have lost in the middle of nowhere without any clue. The chance of UAVs getting lost is always there. It means the pilot needs to be prepared ahead of time. 

The best choice is using a drone tracker or a drone tracker app. A GPS tracker lets you pinpoint a precise search area. You have a much higher chance of finding your lost UAV with it. 

Some drone track devices have a cellular connection and work with Google Maps. This kind of GPS tracker gives a real-time and precise location to the pilot.

As an example, a Trackimo, one of the excellent trackers you can buy in the market. This kind of tracker offers a free app along with browser tracking.

Using a drone track device is easy. But, the common problem is, finding a lost drone is not that easy—even your quadcopter with GPS tracking. The more complex thing is that it is always stressful when the pilot lost their best GPS drones.

Of course, a tracker will help you. But, find your lost and best GPS drones ideally with the combination of another method. Almost a lot of pilots will track lost drown with:

  1. Push return home mode with boosted signal
  2. Get another drone to scan the area
  3. Check telemetry on your controller
  4. Searching on foot and ear
  5. Posting a lost posters
  6. Checking online marketplaces

Most cases of lost drones can result in successful recovery with the appropriate combination, responsive, and suitable conditions.

The foundational knowledge of a GPS drone’s design, technology, and components will help the pilot reduce troubleshooting time. And the best of it, that knowledge will help ensure the quadcopter pilot has a safe and successful flight.

So, as a drone pilot, you need to understand the basics of GPS and the autopilot system to get the best GPS drones.  


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