Best and Cheap FPV Goggles 2021; from DJI to Eachine

Most drone pilots are starting to look at using FPV goggles. So, we’ve rounded up the FPV Goggles you can get this year, from the best to the cheapest.

As it is known, FPV goggles are glasses to be able to see what the drone is seeing. So the pilot can control the drone based on what he sees from the FPV goggles.

In FPV goggles, several components make this possible. The main components in question are two small screens and a radio signal receiving antenna.

In summary, FPV glasses are eyeglass-shaped monitors. An FPV goggle is connected to the FPV camera’s drone.

FPV Goggle For Drones: The Game Changer

While you can use a smartphone monitor, tablet, or ground control, FPV glasses are a whole different world. Visual sensation, depth, control, and pilot-drone connection become more intensive.

The functionality of these drone gizmo is almost the same as that of a virtual reality headset. The image displayed on the screen is right in front of your eyes. So that it makes you feel as if you are part of a quadcopter as it cruises through the sky.

In addition to the monitor, the FPV-drone glasses device has a video receiver. Its function is to receive radio signals from the connected UAV.

There are many types and brands offered in the market. You are starting from ready-to-use models with a variety of excellent and up-to-date features. Then a DIY version of the gizmo that you can assemble yourself.

In essence, each type has its features, technologies, components, and advantages. Each type has the ability and determines how far the pilot can control and fly his favorite quadcopter.

In addition, the needs of each quadcopter also determine what kind of FPV glasses will be used? In it, there are considerations about features, technology, and price. That way, there is no overkill FPV glasses.

An example is Beehive Drones. We have some quadcopters for different types of service purposes. Does then every drone have to have glasses? Certainly not.

Or, does every Beehive Drones quadcopter have to pair with FPV gizmo for racing drones? Though the need is for the sake of fertilizing agricultural areas.

An example of DIY drone with FPV
An example of DIY drone with FPV (unsplash/Pawel Spychalski)

FPV Goggles V2: The Latest Technology of DJI

One of DJI’s 2021 newest technologies for drone controllers to see more real and as if flying in the air is called DJI FPV Goggles V2.

The best thing about the DJI FPV Goggles V2 is an integral part of the DJI FPV drone. This drone was released by DJI and is claimed to accommodate various types of objectives and pilot skill levels.

These DJI devices are equipped with powerful wireless technology with a high bitrate (50 Mbps) that can adjust the speed and speed of the drone when recording video.

When you use V2 gizmo to control DJI FPV, there will be two fields of view (FoV) display options.

The first display option is the standard low latency HD mode. This model has a resolution of 1440×810 at 60 fps with 142° FoV or 50 fps with 150° FoV. Latency in this mode is less than 40 ms.

The second option is Smooth mode. The resolution is the same as the first mode. However, you get 120 fps with 142° FoV or 100fps with 150° FoV with less than 28ms latency.

The interesting part about DJI V2 technology is that you can connect up to eight glasses. So that other people can see what the pilot sees and feels when flying the DJI FPV.

The DJI FPV features a 4K/60p 120Mbps camera mounted on a single-axis gimbal with DJI rockSteady image stabilization technology.

The DJI FPV, DJI FPV Goggles V2, and DJI drone kit were released in early 2021. Until August 2021, this complete package of DJI aircraft has caught the attention of many UAV lovers. You can have the full DJI FPV aircraft package for $1,299 on Amazon.

DJI FPV Goggles V2
DJI FPV Goggles V2 (

Best FPV Goggles for Your Budget

Since their inception, FPV glasses have been an expensive accessory that only professional quadcopter pilots or the wealthy could afford. Or at least, it can only be bought with a lot of money.

In recent years, the good news is that FPV glasses are more wallet-friendly or not as expensive as they were when they first arrived. Of course, there is still an expensive device with the most updated technology.

Usually, expensive FPV glasses are used for professional needs or for purposes that require great detail and accuracy.

Meanwhile, cheap FPV goggles are used for simpler needs. For example, for beginners’ learning needs, having fun feeling the adrenaline while flying, for the needs of self-made DIY drones, and so on.

Below is a list of the best and cheap FPV glasses that can be obtained in the market. You can get them on Amazon, AliBaba, Banggood, eBay, or your other favorite e-commerce.

Although cheap, the technology that is owned is sufficient for everyday needs. Remember, sufficient is not the same as bad.

  • Eachine VR-007

The Eachine VR-007 is the cheapest and most popular FPV gizmo. These VR devices are very lightweight compared to other products, making them comfortable to wear. Although the screen is only 4.3 inches, the resulting image is quite good.

  • Usmile 5.8G 5-inch FPV Goggles

Usmile’s are also pretty best. The resulting image does not disappoint and is fairly standard for non-professional needs. Setting this device integration to the quadcopter is fairly easy. Therefore, it is suitable for beginners or those who are just entering the world of UAVs.

Eachine FPV goggle
Eachine FPV goggle (
  • Eachine EV800

Eachine EV800 has a 5-inch screen, which makes the eyes comfortable when being a quadcopter pilot. An added feature is the detachable screen. So there is no need to buy additional monitors when you are tired of wearing FPV glasses. Just remove the screen, and you can control the drone without glasses.

  • KDS Kylin Vision 64CH 5.8G Full Band FPV Goggles

Kylin Vision KDS is made especially for beginners on a budget. The features and technology they have are very standard. The appearance of this device is also quite cool and seems hi-tech.  However, the price is worth it. So, the device is quite worth it to have for those who are new to and entering the world of FPV drones.

  • Eachine VR D2 Pro

Eachine VR D2 Pro is claimed to provide a clear image display even though the drone is quite far from the pilot. This device is capable of recording video from the screen display. Plus, the screen size is 5 inches. The weakness of this device is that it is quite heavy, so it is less comfortable to use on the head.

Not Sure With Your FPV-Goggles Choice?

Choosing the best FPV goggles is not an easy job. Especially if you look at the low price, there are some features, prices, and technologies to consider. 5 FPV device choices above are based on features, technology, and affordable prices.

You can still raise or lower the standard level of consideration. However, you must understand that no option is perfect. A good and best FPV goggles at technology means draining your cash account. Or conversely, good for your account means mediocre technology.


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