Best And Cheap Follow Me Drone of This Year: A Excellent Choice for Beginner

Follow me drone is one of the drone flight modes that makes drones visually appealing. 

The follow me drone is a drone flight mode feature that looks like a hands-free camera flight. The technology behind the follow me drone allows you to be followed wherever you move.

In recent years, follow me drones are widely used by sportsmen who move in a particular track or active sports, such as skateboarding, parkour, or cycling.

Drone with follow me mode began to appear in existence in 2016. The year went on, and follow-me technology was increasing so that it allowed a lot of exploration.

Some drones can follow many great explorations from various sides, such as recording your skateboarding action, taking photos with a panoramic background, or recording parkour practice.

For more professional purposes, many professions use drones for documentation, evaluation, or streaming purposes.

Drone That Follows You While Running: Outlook

Before sensor recognition technology emerged as a drone feature, the average follow me drone used a GPS device. Yes, the drone that follows you while running with a GPS device.

The concept is that the drone will follow wherever someone using a detector goes. This detector functions as a GPS target that the drone must follow.

There is also technology that can make drones fly according to a predetermined path. Of course, drones with this technology are suitable for activities that have a planned circuit or track.

There is another mixture of the two technologies above, using GPS while running a planned program.

Then, in 2016, DJI issued a significant change following the drone in the form of the DJI Phantom 4. The DJI Phantom 4 drone has several sensors that enhance the drone’s follow-me technology capabilities.

Currently, the follow me drone technology that exists and is the leading choice in the market is divided into two. Namely, those that rely on GPS transmitter technology and those that depend on recognition technology.

Although it is an old technology, follow me drones with GPS transmitters are still in great demand.

follow me drone
Unsplash/Robson Hatsukami Morgan

The working concept is that the drone is programmed to follow a transmitter mounted on the subject’s body. While flying following the subject, the drone is also programmed to keep the subject in the camera frame.

Most UAVs with this technology can perform many complicated maneuvers with the subject. For this reason, GPS transmitter technology is still attractive for use in drones.

Some drone brands that still use GPS transmitter technology are Skydio 2 Follow Drone, Holy Stone HS270, and Holy Stone HS700 Ophelia.

Recognition technology, algorithms, sensors, and drones are the perfect combination to produce a hands-free flying camera.

UAVs with recognition technology have a follow-me feature without the need to use a GPS transmitter on the subject’s body.

One of the crucial innovators of follow-me drones with recognition technology is DJI with a mode called ActiveTrack.

Some examples of drones with recognition technology on the market today are the DJI Mavic Air 2, Yuneec Typhoon H, and DJI Phantom 4.

Best Follow Me Drones of The Year

When hunting for the best follow me drone of the year, you should know your needs and adjust the drone’s features.

Just make sure to choose a drone with camera quality capable of recording HD video, sufficient flight time, available area coverage, and intelligent flight features.

Here are the recommendations for the best 2021 drone follow-me that you can get on the market:

  • DJI Mavic Pro

The DJI Mavic Pro drone is perfect. This drone has everything you need in a follow-me UAV. Two embedded high-performance sensors support this capability.

Flying time is over 25 minutes, meaning the coverage area is in a radius of more than 6 miles. This drone also can stream video with a range of 4 miles.

This quadcopter has intelligent and automatic features such as avoiding obstacles, stopping, automatic leveling, or steady hover flying.

  • DJI Mavic Air 2

The Mavic Air 2 drone delivers DJI with several innovative features and is perfect for a drone with follow me mode.

An example of an intelligent feature is Ocusync 2.0, which allows video transmission as far as 6.2 million.

Another feature called Spotlight 2.0 allows the camera to precisely lock the subject, even if the drone flies with complex maneuvers.

It was coupled with an omnidirectional obstacle sensor that makes this drone very sensitive to its flying environment. In effect, the flight feels smooth because it can respond to obstacles.

Those necessary sensors are obstacles, and the most important is ActiveTrack. The ActiveTrack sensor allows the drone to take photos in flight and follow the subject of the shot.

  • Typhoon Yuneec H Pro

The Yuneec Typhoon H Pro drone has six brushless motors that will bring a new sensation of drone flight to you.

This 6-motor drone allows pilots to have much more precise and more stable flight control. The best part is the fail-safe mode which automatically activates when one of the rotors is off.

The follow-me mode feature on this drone is supported by eight flight modes, a 4K Ultra HD camera, several stunning shooting modes, and a 3-axis anti-vibration gimbal.

cheapest follow me drone
Unsplash/Dose Media

Cheapest Follow Me Drone For This Year

The best drones above will indeed drain your account balance. The combination of advanced features, well-known brands, and high-performance capabilities does produce a drone with the maximum value.

But of course, there are drones with follow-me modes that are affordable, suitable for personal needs, and have satisfying capabilities. Here’s the list of cheapest follow me drone for this year:


Holy Stone HS120D has GPS and follow-me mode with a pretty good following accuracy.

The Holy Stone HS120 is equipped with a 1080p camera which works well when taking photos. However, the camera is not very reliable when recording video. In addition, vibration when flying is a pretty strange problem.

  • SHOP F11

The RUKO F11 drone has several excellent features that are enough to attract new consumers seeking follow-me drones.

This drone with follow me mode has a 4K camera. The photos from this 4K camera can steal the show.

Unfortunately, the video footage is not as good as the photos. When recording video, the camera quality will drop to 2.7K. The quality of the video is not sharp and looks too smooth.


The Potentic D85 quadcopter features a powerful, quiet, and fast 1500Kv brushless motor.

In addition, the D85 has a 5G Wifi FPV feature with a comprehensive area coverage, plus an auto-return-to-home feature that will save time when needed.

The Potentic D85 is the answer to the need for a follow me drone at an affordable price.


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