Beehive Drones Trial of Medical Delivery Drones in Madura

Technology startup Beehive Drones conducted operational trials of drones in Sumenep, Madura, East Java, at the end of October 2021. The drones are planned to be used as medicine logistics for people on the island and in remote areas.

Beehive Drones is a startup company founded by Albertus Gian Dessayes, Anindita Pradana Suteja, and Ishak Hilton Pujantoro Tnunay in 2017. Initially focusing on agriculture and forestry, Beehive Drones is now serious about providing a service system as a solution to help many conventional industries in Indonesia.

This Yogyakarta-based startup seeks to provide drones that deliver medical supplies as an effective and efficient solution for the needs of areas that are difficult to reach with conventional distribution modes. This testing is the first activity of a drone to deliver drugs between islands and hard-to-reach areas.

Sumenep Regency was chosen as the pilot location because it has a small island group that requires an integrated logistics system. Logistics needs in this region usually rely on ships, which are sometimes not ready when needed.

“The trial in Sumenep is an important moment for the company and also for the landscape of drone flight system service providers in Indonesia,” said the CEO of Beehive Drones, Albertus Gian Dessayes, in an official statement, Sunday (31/10).


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