Beehive Drones Collaboration with Bayer Crop Science Indonesia: Pesticide Spraying in Central Java

Pesticide Spraying in the Central Java area is a collaboration between Beehive Drones and Bayer Crop Science Indonesia. It started in October 2021 and continues, where the Beehive Drones team sprayed Bayer Crop Science Indonesia Pesticide products using drones in various agricultural areas in Central Java.

The drone has a function to help farmers and plantation companies spray fertilizers or pesticides (pest killers). Although the drone is still in prototype form, this drone has attracted interest from various plantation companies, the Ministry of Agriculture, and even by e-commerce in Indonesia. 

How drones benefit the agriculture

The Beehive Drones team has equipped the drone computer with artificial intelligence (AI) technology. AI technology helps do calculations, fertilizer spraying, and pest control efficiently. Fertilizers from inside the container into a hose that runs through each of the six arms of the drone. The calculation using a computer-based on the number of sprays. 

Getting an efficient flight pattern for spraying fertilizers, both time and cost combined with data on altitude, speed, soil conditions, and so on. Agricultural data collected by Beehive Drones is also guaranteed to be accurate and safe, not shared with other parties. 

Saving cost and time up to 30%

collaboration beehivedrones and bayer

According to Albertus Gian, Founder & CEO of Beehive Drones, drones can help farmers save the spraying fertilizer’s cost and time. Let’s say, for one hectare of land, if farmers usually need to spend Rp. 1 million for fertilizer, then using drones, they only need around Rp. 700,000, therefore around 30 percent more efficient. In terms of time, Albertus claims that if it usually takes one hour to spray one hectare of land conventionally, his drone only takes 30 minutes.

Flexibility and Efficiency

This drone will fly to the paddy fields ordering the service without a crew to control it. Moreover, the drone will also spray pesticides as needed. Drone Sprayer will allow the client to conduct their plantation & farms maintenance faster and efficiently. 

“Spraying fertilizers and pesticides can be more efficient, for instance, if this section only needs 30 percent of fertilizer but the next field needs 50 percent, the drone will spray as needed,” Anindita, Founder of Beehive Drones, said. 

Easy registration

anindita suteja - albertus gian beehive drones

According to Anindita, to execute, drones are “parked” at a drone station in the middle of an agricultural area. Hence, farmers can register their paddy fields on the mobile application, choose a maintenance service they need, and pay for the service through the same application. Once confirmed, this drone will fly to the paddy fields that ordered the service.

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