Aerial Mapping: Definition, Goal, Benefit, and Advantage

Definition of Aerial Mapping

Drones are an excellent resource for capturing direct overhead images at high resolution in order to process detailed aerial maps on relatively small projects.

Today’s advancements inaccurately located imaging and post-processing capabilities enable highly accurate map deliverables, routinely assisting land surveyors in making their jobs easier and saving time.

So, what is meant by aerial mapping then?

Aerial mapping means the taking of aerial photographs for the purpose of making maps and geologic interpretation.

This article reviews the advancements in technology, post-processing capabilities, and where this new resource proves to be a benefit to aerial mapping.

The Goal, Function, and Benefit of Aerial Mapping

aerial mapping

These high-resolution and highly accurate aerial maps now provide value in ways that other methods do not. The overall goal is to increase efficiency while decreasing costs.

Once the map has been accurately overlaid, you can easily determine the corners of buildings and other structures. You can have a clear, high-resolution visual representation of spray-painted points and references to other objects on the property. It can be extremely useful for determining elevations in creeks or slews that would otherwise be extremely time-consuming and difficult to survey.

When the trees are bare in the winter, we can usually get a good image of the ground in wooded areas. Once you’ve learned about the resource and how it can be used practically, you’ll probably be able to think of other ways it can provide tangible value. Even though using drones may appear to be costly, the end goal is to save your time and money.

The Advantage of Using Drone for Aerial Mapping 

Drones create high-resolution 3D models of land areas, allowing for the rapid production of accurate maps.

The process of drawing maps in real-time during a drone flight is known as automated mapping. This is accomplished through the use of control points, which can be either known coordinates or actual physical markers are strewn across the landscape being mapped.

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